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Our specialist in-house proofing teams can help you with rodent and bird proofing and exclusion.

Proofing & Exclusion is the name given to the methods used to prevent pests entering or landing on an establishment.

Beaver Pest Control specialise in a range of proofing & exclusion such as rodent proofing, bird spikes, pigeon netting, sprung wires, bird free gel and Avishock.

For Bird proofing check out our London Pigeon Control website at:

We have experience in carrying out proofing works to commercial and domestic buildings. From bristle strip on concertina doors to external vents. We can fit them all for you.

Our technicians use specialist rodent proof materials and they understand how rodents move around buildings.

mice proofing

Bird Proofing & Exclusion

Pest proofing & exclusion may also be needed for rat control or fly pest control and there are many other proofing & exclusion methods available. Proofing is essential as part of integrated pest control management. It is your first line of defence; it advertises your commitment to pest-free conditions and your compliance with the Food Safety Act 1990 and Food Safety Regulations 1995.

Our teams have experience in a wide variety of buildings and kitchens.

Available proofing measures

  • Strip curtain doors to keep pest birds out and the warmth in.
  • Fly screens and fly doors to keep flying insects out and let fresh air in.
  • Kick plates to protect doors from rodent and staff damage.
  • Metal nylon strip brushes to prevent rodents entering via gaps under and around doors.
  • Mesh wire to block external gaps and holes against rats, mice and pest birds.

Rodent proofing

Quite often the access holes for mice and rats are hidden behind kitchen and bathroom units. Our specialist teams have the tools and expertise to get to those difficult to reach holes. We use rodent proof materials to prevent mice chewing back through the proofing. Expanding foam on its own will not prevent mice or rats. They are able to chew through this with ease.                   If you are worried about using poisons in your home because you have children or pets then let our proofing team block the holes in your kitchen and bathroom.  


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