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Proofing & Exclusion, Beaver Pest Control London, UK Nationwide

Proofing & Exclusion is the name given to the methods used to prevent pests entering or landing on an establishment.

Beaver Pest Control specialise in a range of proofing & exclusion such as bird spikes, pigeon netting, sprung wires, bird free gel and Avishock.

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Bird Proofing & Exclusion

Pest proofing & exclusion may also be needed for rat control or fly pest control and there are many other proofing & exclusion methods available. Proofing is essential as part of integrated pest control management. It is your first line of defence; it advertises your commitment to pest-free conditions and your compliance with the Food Safety Act 1990 and Food Safety Regulations 1995.

These proofing measures are available:

  • Strip curtain doors to keep pest birds out and the warmth in.
  • Fly screens and fly doors to keep flying insects out and let fresh air in.
  • Kick plates to protect doors from rodent and staff damage.
  • Metal nylon strip brushes to prevent rodents entering via gaps under and around doors.
  • Mesh wire to block external gaps and holes against rats, mice and pest birds.

Pigeon Proofing - Heathrow Airport


Bird Proofing - Abseiling

Bird Proofing Work

Bird Proofing & Exclusion

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