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Electronic Fly Killers, Beaver Pest Control London

Under The Food and Safety Act 1990 and associated regulations 1995 and 2004, food producers or outlets must adequately protect their property from flies by installing e.g. fly screens with a 1.5 mm mesh and / or an electronic fly killers.

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Electronic Fly Killers

Bacteria is easily picked up upon the hairs of a fly from infected materials and transferred on the body or within the gut. Flies regurgitate saliva on other food sources which may be eaten by humans; this can lead to diarrhoea and transmittance of a variety of food poisoning organisms such as salmonella spp.

Beaver Pest Control can supply, fit and maintain the correct EFK for your premises. Ultra violet light is given off by the bulbs which attract flies to an electrified killing grid or a sticky board. The phosphorous element within the bulb diminishes over a three to six month period and therefore must be regularly replaced.

Feel the Power

The power output of an EFK will determine its coverage and to some degree the type of fly attracted to it; a 10 to 20 watt unit would not be appropriate for food production areas or where it is competing against any other natural light source.

A maintenance contract is the ideal way to ensure that the correct EFK is used in your premises and that the bulbs are changed regularly. The unit will be serviced and cleaned on a quarterly basis and if the EFK is hired we will replace it if it develops a fault.

Flies that are caught will be recorded in a report folder and suggestions will be made as to how further incidents of fly infestation might be reduced.

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