Drain Surveys

Our rat surveys are a combined Drainage and Pest Control survey to ensure we can fully understand existing and potential rat ingress points within your drainage systems.

A drain survey is a comprehensive inspection of a drainage system to identify and prevent drainage issues. The process uses state-of-the-art cameras and transmitters that are inserted into the drain to provide a live feedback image, as well as pinpointing the location of problem areas to reduce the need for any unnecessary excavation. 

What are the advantages?

  • Experts can identify issues before escalating into a severe problem. Innovative technology allows for as minimal damage as possible to surface area.
  • Innovative technology allows for as minimal damage as possible to surface area.
  • Mapping allows pinpointing of exact location to deal with the problem quickly and effectively.
  • Dye testing is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

How will it work?

On completion of the survey, we can demonstrate the drainage defects which may be present and explain what we would recommend to resolve the problem. The surveyors will carry examples of different valves on the market. They can offer on-site advice and recommendations to precede the full report and remedial works which you will be emailed across. Your emailed report will contain video footage, photos and will indicate precisely where any defects and/or blockages are. The report will also include a drainage site plan. 

What can I expect from my survey?


Each surveyor will carry a sonde which allows them to map any redundant inlets or points of interest within the drainage using self-contained transmitters to pinpoint their exact location underground and therefore negating the requirement for excavation.

Power Tools

These ensure that all other aspects of identifying possible points of ingress or egress can be identified when the surveyors diagnose the route cause of rodent entry. They surveyors can lift decking, remove vents, inspect cellars, access lofts and get to all places which may have been overlooked by previous contractors who did not have to correct tools requires to overcome obstacles.

Manhole Lifters

Each surveyor has an array of specialist manhole lifters meaning they can access virtually any manhole covering your drainage network – whether the manhole cover be internal or external, recessed or surface mounted, traditional cast iron or modern fitments.

Dye Testing

This allows the surveyors to map which drain inlet services what aspect of the drainage. This also allows suspected redundant inlets to be proved at a drain level. The dye testing also allows surveyors to check burrow points to confirm whether these feed back to the drain network and check all other surface inlets are connected to the drain system. Despite the lurid colours, our dye is non-toxic and washes away with the drain fluids or rainwater on survey completion. 

Drain Camera

This is top of the range equipment and the same used by Thames Water for drains. It enables us to see drain internals with absolute clarity thereby enabling our surveyors to find the subtle defects that others miss and which ultimately allow rats to emerge.