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Responsible for your hotel pest control ?

You already know that controlling pests swiftly and discreetly is critical for you especially when a bad review on social media can affect your ratings and reduce bookings.

Our specially designed hotel pest control service will provide you with everything you need leaving you to get on with running your hotel.

A specialist hotel pest control contract with Beaver gives you:

1. A RSPH level 2 qualified, experienced technician who will get to know you and your premises.
2. Free call outs if you need us.
3. A fast response, same day or next as standard.
4. A specialist proofing team to help you block access routes.
5. A report folder covering all your pest control legislative requirements.
6. Value for money. We always give you our best price and we are competitive in the market.
7. Discretion. We don’t mention your brand in our marketing unless you are happy for us to do so and we don’t talk about your pest problems.

Beaver Pest Control Accreditations

How we can help your hotel stay pest free

Our teams have had success clearing some of the most challenging pest problems using the latest innovative techniques. As well as conventional treatments we can offer you:

• Specialist surveys using innovative survey methods including tracking dust and the flexible endoscope USB snake camera.
• Specialist proofing team
• Housekeeping staff training on basic bed bug identification
• Intensive night treatments to get a difficult problem under control quickly.
• Electronic fly control systems
• Insect control including innovative products to treat cockroach infestations.
• Bedbug sniffer dogs
• Bedbug heat treatments with a 4 hour turnaround.

Our technicians will make sure that all access points are identified so that you can deal with them, either through us or using your own contractors. Mice can fit through the smallest gaps and prevention is better than cure.

Bedbugs in Hotels

Bed bugs are tricky. Quite often you have no knowledge that they are there until one of your customers complains. We can train your housekeeping staff in how to spot the early signs of an infestation, we can also give you some hints and tips on how to minimise the spread of bed bugs.

As well as training, we have clever innovative ways to deal with bedbugs. These include a pro-active screening programme using ‘bed bug sniffer dogs’.

These dogs are ultra-efficient and have a 95% accuracy rate compared to a visual inspection which generally achieves between 17% & 30%. Bed bug sniffer programmes are unobtrusive and each room is screened in 2-3 minutes. Once we have identified rooms with bedbugs we can treat using conventional methods or if you need to get them back in service quickly, we can use heat.

Heat is the fastest way to get a room back into service and has a 4 hour return. All adult bedbugs, nymphs and eggs are killed immediately using this treatment method.