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Corporate and Office Pest Control. Why would you need pest control? If you are a corporation you probably have been established for a very long time, maybe over a hundred years.

Corporate and Office Pest Control is not just for show. Corporations tend to have large buildings such as a block of offices, blocks of apartments, business centres, warehouses or retail parks or stores. This large area may then be sub-let or rented out to other companies or individuals. Everybody needs to be protected

You have built up an excellent reputation for what you do amongst your customers. You may even be a household name. Do not risk losing this well earned reputation


Kings College London are protected by Beaver Pest Control

Corporate and Office Pest Control should be provided by just one company.

Many a time the owner of the building has nothing to do with the maintenance of the building. Everybody blames everybody else if there is a pest problem including the pest control Companies if more than one are involved. We strongly recommend that for large sites that the Company who is responsible for organising the maintenance of the common areas of the site also takes on the responsibility of pest control. You are already in a position where you are charging a maintenance charge and the cost of regular pest control should be added to this.

As you know bad publicity can quickly damage reputations and a pest problem in a high profile building or a high profile Company is excellent news to a journalist. You cannot risk getting pests and should employ the regular services of a well established pest control Company who are members of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) and can prove that they are safe and offer a quality service. You need an Expert. Beaver Pest Control are experts and have an excellent training scheme and quality assurance systems. We are ISO9001:2008 accredited and have been assessed by Chas and Constructionline. We have green credentials and are close to achieving ISO14001.


Corporate & Office Pest Control, Beaver Pest Control London

Waste Management can reduce the risk of pest infestation

Corporate & Office Pest Control, Beaver Pest Control London

You want to keep your business running pest free!

Corporate & Office Pest Control, Beaver Pest Control London

Pest Control is essential to your business.

Corporate and Office Pest Control

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