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Corporate and Office Pest Control

Pests in your office?

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Mice and rats are common pests in offices, attracted by food and warmth. Having a pro-active pest control contract shows due diligence and protects the health and well-being of your staff and any visitors.

Mice produce around eighty droppings in a day and urinate wherever they run so they can soon contaminate a large area. Like rats they have teeth that continually grow. The constant gnawing to wear these down in size, results in fire risk and can cause significant damage to buildings.

Rats and mice are known to spread diseases and cause food poisoning. Mice tend to come out when it is quiet resulting in them being more active at night. They live for around 12 months, are pregnant for only 3 weeks and a single pair can be responsible for producing hundreds of mice within one year.

Do your staff leave food in their desk drawers or out in the kitchen? Do you have morning cleaning ?

  • If so both of these actions will increase the likelihood of mice with food and debris left overnight before being cleaned.

Do you have dogs in your office ?

  • We can work without rodenticides protecting your furry friends from the risks of secondary poisoning whether you are a small office or a multi-floor block of offices, our teams are there to help you.

We will work behind the scenes using a number of techniques including proofing, non-toxic tracking dust, discretely located traps and bait stations.

If you can’t risk getting pests then employ the regular services of a well established pest control company who are members of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) and can prove that they are safe and offer a quality service.

As well as being full BPCA members we also hold the following accrediations ISO 9001:2015, CHAS, Safecontractor and ISO 14001.

If you are unlucky enough to struggle with clothes moths, cockroaches, pharaoh ants, bed bugs we can help with those too.

Working with Beaver Pest Control will give you : 

Fully trained, helpful techncians.            Pro-active contracts.                                      Identification of the source of the problem.                                                            Proofing recommendations every visit.      Hygiene recommendations every visit.      Information on how to reduce reoccurances.                                                  A fully compliant report book.                      Approporiate treatments if there are problems.                                             

Corporate & Office Pest Control, Beaver Pest Control London

Reduce the risks.

Corporate & Office Pest Control, Beaver Pest Control London

Protect your staff.

Corporate & Office Pest Control, Beaver Pest Control London

Pest control is essential.

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One of the most efficient company I have worked with. Great customer service as well as fast response. Couldn't ask for a better support!! Highly recommended. Thanks