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I cannot thank this team enough for their support, fabulous care and understanding to deal with our rat issue. Beaver Pest Control visited our family home during this extremely difficult time, they were extremely responsive and 5* plus for professionalism from start to finish. The team have amazing customer care and its refreshing to be treated as a person rather than another number in a queue. The rat issue is now resolved, we cannot thank you enough. I can highly recommend Beaver Pest Control to deal with any pest control issues. An amazing team who deserve more than 5*

Nese Merkell

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Do you have rats externally, or in your home or business? We can help.

Rat extermination is very important. An infestation of rats can result in considerable damage such as gnawing through packaged goods and structures or even electrical wiring. Contamination of food and the spread of disease by rodents should be of considerable concern to everyone. You will commonly read about businesses being closed down by an Environmental Health Officer when evidence of pests are found. Some diseases are potentially fatal such as Weil’s disease and salmonellosis (food poisoning).

Rat control in London and the rest of the UK is primarily for the brown rat or sewer rat. These rodents are omnivores. The adult weighs up to 700 grams and has a total length, including the tail, of around 400mm. A brown rat can squeeze through a gap of only 25mm and often enters buildings via broken drains, hence the name sewer rat. This large rodent may also enter via damaged walls, subterranean conduits, broken vents or holes around pipes.

Brown rats are only pregnant for three weeks and can have six to ten babies in a litter resulting in a rat infestation building up very quickly. The gestation period for both rats and mice is only three weeks and the female is able to conceive again immediately. It is therefore very important to employ a professional rat control company such as Beaver Pest Control London.

The brown rat is wary of any changes to the environment, called neophobia. Successful rat treatments can therefore be difficult because the rodents may not eat the rat poison or enter a rat trap. Beaver Pest Control London offer set prices for private house rat control and a free survey for business properties.

Rat burrows from a sewer

Rats burrow extensively if given access to a suitable substrate. Rat pest control involves looking for these rat burrows. Rats generally begin a new burrow adjacent to an object or structure, as this provides a sturdy "roof" for the section of the burrow nearest to the ground's surface. However, in this picture they will have dug their way out from a broken drain.

Rat Control in and around London

Burrows provide rats with shelter and food storage, as well as safe, thermo-regulated nest sites. Rats use their burrows to escape from perceived threats in the surrounding environment; for example, rats will retreat to their burrows following a sudden, loud noise or while fleeing an intruder.

Rat damage to buildings and food

The brown rat is a true omnivore and will consume almost anything, including meat. Cereals form a substantial part of a rodents diet and often rat baits are cereal based. The front incisor teeth of rats are very sharp and very often they will gnaw their way through wooden doors or ceiling joists. Rat control is very important to prevent damage and contamination by rodents.
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