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Environmental Cleaning & Fly Control Team

Plagued by fruit flies or drain flies ?   Do you get rid of them only for them to reappear a couple of days later ?  Do your insecticidal treatments only last for a short time ?

Fruit flies and Drain flies can seemingly appear from nowhere. They can infest an area very quickly if not controlled causing issues especially if you are serving food and drink.

Should I worry about them?

Research published in the Journal of Food Protection (Food Quality & Safety, USA,2018) showed that fruit flies are capable of spreading diseases like E.Coli, Salmonella and Listeria from contaminated sources to fresh food.

Drain flies also known as filter flies.

These tiny flies are very often found hovering by drains and stagnant water. The first job is to remove the breeding ground as they breed in the organic matter found in drains, grease, food and general sludge. Keeping drains free of this material will prevent drain flies breeding.                                                                                                                                                                           It is important to remove stagnant and still water from any places where it is pooling.
As long as the breeding conditions are available you will continue to have problems with this type of fly.

Fruit Flies

Fruit flies and drain flies are often confused with each other as they are similar sizes. Fruit flies have bright red eyes so if you catch one and look under a magnifying glass you will be able to tell.                                                                                                                            As with drain flies, fruit flies can be dealt with by removing the breeding grounds. In this case it is likely to be fermenting milk, fruit, juice or wine.                                                                                                                             It can be tricky to identify and remove the breeding sites which is where our trained teams can help you. 


How we can help you

If you are having regular problems with either fruit flies or drain flies then contact our customer service team on 020 3820 1055. They will put you in touch with one of our local surveyors who will visit your site to carry out a thorough survey.

Once the survey is complete we will provide you with a comprehensive audit and report which will allow you to support your cleaning teams with professional advice. The Audit report will also help with any EHO visits and will show commitment to due diligence.

You can then choose to have our trained team fix the problem areas ready for you to hand over to your cleaning teams.

Our experienced professional team can clear the problem areas and will use a range of techniques including:

• Deep cleaning of the breeding grounds using specialist materials and equipment.

• Fast effective knockdown of adult populations.

• Proofing of windows and gaps where water can congregate and stagnate.

• Advice, support and recommendations.

If you have an on-going problem and would like further help and support,  call our customer service team on 0208 355 3443. They will be able to talk to you about your problem and offer appropriate advice.