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Should I do Pest Control Treatments Myself?

It can be tempting to carry out your own pest control treatments but this can lead to breaking the law or even accidental poisoning.

There are many laws relating to the competent use of pesticides, please see our legislation page.

To provide peace of mind, Beaver Pest Control strongly advises that you choose a professional company to carry out the work for you. We will treat the problem competently, sympathetically and effectively.

We are both fully trained and insured and will dispose of any by-products in the correct manner. In addition to this we will provide you with advice as to why you experienced pests in the first place and how you might prevent them in the future.

Shops do sell basic pest control products; nevertheless you should be aware that those pesticides sold:

  • May not carry the appropriate active ingredient, or be of the correct formulation to enable you to successfully control your pests.
  • Require skill and experience to locate them in the correct place and at the right quantity.
  • Could cause harm to non-target species such as humans, fish, birds or domestic pets if not correctly used.
  • Could lead to a worse infestation if not used properly; this will ultimately be more expensive.
  • Have to be disposed of safely.
  • Could result in prosecution if used incorrectly.
  • Do not usually have a long residual effect.

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