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Green Credentials, Beaver Pest Control London

Green Credentials proves our commitment to ensuring the safe and healthy living Environments involved with modern day pest control.

We believe we are qualified to state that Beaver Pest Control have green credentials because of our commitment to reducing the effects of our activities on the natural environment.

The staff of Beaver Pest Control love animals and do care about the environment.


Green Credentials and our responsibilities

As well as ensuring the safe use of pesticides we continually try to reduce our carbon footprint and have proved this through our green credentials by scoring a low sustainability index score to become a CIPS rated supplier and we have a Greening Business Accreditation which is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

We will never use pesticides if we do not believe pests are present. We will use non-toxic tester ‘baits’ for rodents and pheromone or sticky traps for insects instead. If we establish that there is a pest problem then we will carry out a risk assessment before choosing the safest and most efficient method to clear the infestation. Our primary aim is to help the customer help themselves by coming up with innovative pest management systems to try to ensure the pests cannot get in and breed up in the first place. This includes advice on housekeeping, storage and shutting down entry points or opening up hidden breeding areas.

For rodents outside we primarily use mouse or rat traps as these do not pose a risk to non-target animals such as voles and shrews and also ensures that rodenticides do not enter the food chain. If we need to use baits then all of these will be removed once we have cleared the problem and the amount removed is recorded and disposed of via a specialist pest control waste disposal company. We record on a COSHH form all materials used and this form is left on site but also saved digitally for easy access from any computer.

We believe we are very successful with our green credentials at limiting the use of paper and do not use aerosols that contain CFCs. We are very organised at recycling all packaging, electronic fly unit tubes, strip lights and paper that is used. We provide various types of eco vehicles to the staff that need them and two of our technicians solely use public transport. For effectiveness we need to use the most efficient pest control products but this generally means that less of the product is required. If we have an option then environmental sustainability questions are raised about the product before price.