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Beaver Pest Control Team

Beaver Pest Control London have grown and grown since we were founded and this is due not only to the partners & managers but also the entire Beaver Pest Control Team!

Our happy and skilled staff team are committed to the company and its ethos of quality.

Staff turnover is extremely low; this ensures that our customers hear the same voices and see the same faces year upon year which in turn creates a strong supplier / end user bond.


Company Partners...

Graham Lodge

I.T. development and Accounts

Graham Lodge started in pest control in 1979 and founded Beaver House Services in 1990. A Beaver’s House is a Lodge. Graham’s prime responsibilities are I.T. development and Accounts.

Phone: 020 8355 3457

David Lodge

Health and Safety and Service

David Lodge came from a Social Services background in 1992 and is a joint Senior Partner with Beaver Pest Control LLP. David’s main responsibilities ares Health and Safety and Service.


Julia Kulinski

sales and Marketing

Julia Kulinski helped to run a large FM Company and became a Partner in 2014 with Beaver Pest Control LLP. Julia’s main responsibilities are sales and Marketing.


Rafal Brymer

Bird Control Systems

Rafal Brymer has specialised in Bird Control since 2005 and was invited to be a Partner with Beavert Pest Control LLP in 2013. Rafal is totally responsible for developing our Bird Control Systems.