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Starting at the bottom, our people are the most important. They are the life blood of Beaver Pest Control Services day in and day out.

These are the guys and girls who talk to the customers and carry out the work.

Family Business

Great Team Spirit!

Excellent Customer Service!

We choose our staff carefully, taking personality into account, train them well, regularly check their work, train them some more and reward them for excellence. If something goes wrong then we have a high ratio of Managers and Partners to deal with this. We manage to keep our staff – One third have been with us for over 10 years – and therefore we have pest control specialists with innovative ideas available at all times to help you.

How do we keep our staff? Well we pay them well, which always helps, but we also make sure there are plenty of get togethers and social events to keep that vital team, or even family, spirit burning. By having many happy and professionally minded core members of staff we end up with everybody helping each other out and not wanting to be the one who lets down a customer. We achieved this spirit of unity in our early days and have maintained it ever since.

Achieving the above was not easy and it is a continual process. The Managers therefore deserve great credit because they have ensured that their staff are not working for them but for the team. David Pullinger has been with us since 1995 and runs service and Melanie Kemp has been with us since 1997 and runs the office. David Brown, Ozzie Yusuf, Paul Peacock, Grant Hubbard and Cristian Cojocaru hold management duties and are always there to support their staff and help their customers. We have an excellent Surveying team made up of Gabriel Bors, Radu Asavei, David Brown and Adrian Manolache to advise our existing or new customers. Although David and Graham Lodge are the main Partners they rely heavily on their two other Partners, Rafal Brymer and Julia Kulinski, to help them move the business forward.

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We have many customers who have used us for more than twenty years because they trust us to always provide them with someone who knows what they are doing and to provide a friendly knowledgeable person on the other end of the phone.

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