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Beaver Pest Control London carry out pest control in London but also on a national scale via our network of excellent BPCA partners. Our pest services include Rat Pest Control, Mouse Control, Pigeon Proofing, Fox Trapping and Squirrel Control. Insects include Moth Treatments, Wasp nest removal, Bed Bugs, Cockroach pest control and various Beetles plus Electronic Fly control killers. Beaver Pest Control London have been established since 1990

Select a picture button that is most relevant to your pest problem. For Pest Control in Domestic Properties we explain our pest control services in London  and you can choose a particular pest to read about. For Commercial Pest Control we explain our pest management systems and then allow you to choose more detailed information that relates to your particular business sector.

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Our Bird Pest Control is primarily about Pigeon Proofing where you will find that pigeon netting, bird spikes and pigeon sprung wires are not the only alternatives. For general information about Beaver Pest Control London then one of the buttons further down or on the top menu should be of interest.

At Beaver Pest Control we use our own pest control technicians to carry out your pest control in London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Middlesex, Berkshire, Herts and Essex. Our pest control business has expanded by over 12% in 2014-15 and we are experienced in all sectors for all pests. 
Beaver Pest Control London pride themselves on providing excellent training and salaries to achieve a quality service using innovative pest management techniques. Customer satisfaction for the end user is paramount while keeping up our Corporate social responsibilities.
One of our Beaver Pest Control management specialists carries out a quality audit eight times per annum for each Technician and pays them a bonus based on quality. The fact that we pay a bonus ensures the inspectionsare always carried out resulting in our staff maintaining high moral. We also monitor our telephone calls.
The high standard of training by Beaver Pest Control London ensures our technicians completely understand the importance of protecting the environment by only using pesticides when necessary and making sure pest control by-products are disposed of with a duty of care.

  • 08/11/2015in Beaver News

    Beaver Pest Control News October 2015

    Beaver Pest Control News October 2015 Have Beaver Pest Control Won a Huge Tender? Kings College London have told us that we have been awarded their pest control for what will hopefully be for the next five years to all of their University Buildings and residential buildings. The contract has not been signed yet so...